Propel Gyropter Mini R/C 3 channel helicopter

This is a short review and demonstration of the Gyropter helicopter by Propel toys. This helicopter is very stable, thanks to a microchip “gyro” (no, not the sandwich) and counter-rotatin blades. It comes with extra blades, skids, and extra hardware in case you have too many hard landings. Check it out!

25 Responses to “Propel Gyropter Mini R/C 3 channel helicopter”

  • eyecipher says:

    mine never flies straight upwards… whenever i push throttle to nearly lift up, it starts to move to the right and eventually fall and hit the blades with the ground… can u help me out ?

  • alsautoandappliance says:

    @zteasd How are the batteries in your transmitter? It will do that if they are too low.

  • zteasd says:

    I’ve been charging mine for like 20 min and when i hit the throttle it goes for about a second and then goes off?? please help!

  • ledburnerss says:


  • rcgo1 says:

    that was a long video but u got the thing flying

  • celica825 says:

    @SmuttyNLP dont worry the rear rotar isn’t suppose to move all the time. just when you make it go forward and reverse, i dont know about turns though.

  • celica825 says:

    i got it today and i recommend it! perfect flight!

  • shadowxl228 says:

    great review man! i just bought one! its great but battery life is sooo terrible! i wanted to put my own battery for longer flying time. i tried scotch taping a double AA battery and it doesnt get airborne. I also tried a triple AAA battery and it it is to heavy :(

    Other than that. its fun for 5 min then 20 min of charge time. lol

  • crimsongarth says:

    The tail rotor doesn’t move unless the copter is turning or else it would always be turning and such

  • cookieonfire96 says:

    do you have 2 of them? i got mine on sale for $40 but with a coupon it was only $20 it is now broken tho so im getting a replacment

  • SmuttyNLP says:

    @alsautoandappliance I went and exchanged it the next day and the new one worked great. I set it down for a week or so, and when I picked it up today, again the rear rotor isn’t moving… :(

  • DummyHUMOR says:

    i got one and i have problems going up it will fly very low

  • TheKmannn says:

    My controller wont turn off the lights on the helicopter and the lights are not as bright as they use to be. And the main spot light in the front flashes now too?? Can someone help me. The manuel says nothing :(

  • alsautoandappliance says:

    @kodohide Exchange it for a new one. There aren’t any “tricks” to make it work. It either flies or it doesn’t. If the red light is flashing on the remote, try new batteries.

  • alsautoandappliance says:

    @whatnotnow I wonder if you pushed it on too far. Did the prop come off the shaft or did the whole motor pop off?

  • alsautoandappliance says:

    @Tony32 I have a feeling you won’t ever need the replacement landing gear, unless a pet catches it and chews it up. Almost happened a couple of times! One of my dogs leapt into the air and snatched the chopper.

  • dillz347 says:

    I got mine yesterday, Im at work and all I want to do is go home and fly!!!

  • whitejeff420 says:

    i got one ima master flyer

  • Tony32 says:

    I have one exactly like that, and it works perfectly. I didn’t get the spare landing gear though, i did get everything else. It’s a lot of fun.

  • whatnotnow says:

    hey i got one of these for christmas and used it a couple times. The second time i used it the tail rotor popped off so i put it back on and now it wont spin properly. it spins very very slow and makes a ticking noise. any help?

  • alsautoandappliance says:

    @nolearningcurve Well, on these things, it’s either working or it’s not. Other than making sure your batteries in the remote are good, I would just exchange it for another. Another possibility is if you have a plasma TV running nearby. They emit IR radiation and could interfere with the operation of your helicopter.

  • alsautoandappliance says:

    @socc3rfreak101 A flashing red light on your remote means the batteries are low. You can charge it still that way, but it won’t fly as long. Eventually, it won’t work at all.

  • kodohide says:

    Yo yo, I just got one for Xmas, But its kinda not working. I got one half flight out of it (it wouldnt lift at all but it would move forward about a inch of the ground) and not it wont even turn on. it occasionaly will get a 2-3 second time period when it will turn back on, but then as soon as i try to put any throttle on it dies and wont turn back on. it is also having charging issues. Anyone know how I could fix this.

  • nolearningcurve says:

    The bottom blade always runs once I turn the gyropter on, even if the controller is turned off. Is there a way to turn this blade off? (I opened the package today and began using it, however, I don’t think it did this when I first used it. Any ideas? Thanks.)

  • socc3rfreak101 says:

    hey just wondering why the light on my remote is flashing?

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