Alien Special – Zecharia Sitchin (FREEMASON WHORE) supporter says Sumerian Tablets ARE FAKE

Therefore we are NOT ENGINEERED BY ALIENS! This FREEMASON LUCIFERIAN should be SHAMEFACED like the rest of his FREEMASONARY BROTHERS IN THIS VIDEO! Zecharia Sitchin is a fraud like the ‘WILD’ Collen Thomas! NO ANCIENT TEXTS !!! Former *SUPPORTER OF* Zecharia Sitchin, archaeologist and author of “Dead Men’s Secrets” Jonathan Gray, discovered that DEAD MAN Zecharia Sitchin was a FRAUD and has come forward and can only be commended for having the guts and honesty to come forward and share what´╗┐ he has discovered AFTER having already quoted from Sitchin and having PUBLISHED him AS AN AUTHORITY in 2 of his books. The uniform bilingual Sumerian Dictionaries prove that Zecharia Sitchin is no linguist expert at all and is a fraud, but more damning is that THE ANCIENT SUMERIAN TEXTS DON’T EVEN EXIST that Sitchin says backup his “expert Sumerian linguist” claims. Gray quoted Sitchin in his book, “Dead Men’s Secrets” but has now discovered Zecharia Sitchin to be a complete fraud. Ancient Sumerian Dictionaries – PROVE SITCHIN IS NO EXPERT OF ANY KIND REGARDING SUMERIAN TEXTS AND DELIBERATELY MADE IT UP AS HE WENT ALONG. THERE ARE NO TEXTS ANYWHERE THAT SAY THE THINGS THAT SITCHIN CLAIMS. Sitchin was a conman and an EXCREMENT artist just like CONMAN CONVICT JORDAN MAXWELL….

15 Responses to “Alien Special – Zecharia Sitchin (FREEMASON WHORE) supporter says Sumerian Tablets ARE FAKE”

  • MasterTerran says:

    @rpmrpms Im sorry for angering you,may i ask,are you a fellow traveler?

  • rpmrpms says:

    @BrainChild666 These idiots haven’t a clue as to what they are talking about. They were sent in here from the Catholic Church to demonize Sitchin because they think now that Sitchin is dead, they will be able to do in death what they could not do when he lived and that is sprout up a huge disinfo agenda against the people of Earth learning the truth. The Vatican tried so hard to steal this tablets but but never got the chance. So screw all these chump alterboy molestees and their asshole Masters

  • rpmrpms says:

    @MasterTerran Fraud my ass. Get an education from somewhere other than a Panda Express fortune cookie before you even act like you’ve grown a brain. Why don’t you just change your second part of your screen name to ” bater” because thats the only thing you know how to do with any level of competency. Reasoning just ain’t your forte, ya know what I mean there, genius? Calling the scientific world “morons” was probably not one of your shining moments. Another proud day for you and your family.

  • rpmrpms says:

    They are NOT fake, idiot! Go to Europe and see them on display either in Germany or at the University of Applied Science in Vienna where they are being studied. Why don’t you take your little alter boy ass back down into the Rectory. I hear Father Mahoney has a special game he would like to play with you tonight called ” suck the banana” you ass play loving Catholic Hack! The Catholic Church has dropped 16 million to date to try to discredit this guy and you fools are buying it all the way!

  • rpmrpms says:

    @axis4peace3 They are not fake, dumbass and Sitchin didn’t find them, he just translated them. We have seen the carbon dating results, all 5 of them and they have been dated several thousands years before the Pyramids. I don’t know what rock you climbed out from but get your lying filthy ass back underneath it where you belong. And by the way, Sherlock, not ALL Freemasons are Illuminati. In fact, only a few are brought into the fold and that is coming from a family of FM’s 150 years now.

  • MasterTerran says:

    He was a fraud,but look at how many morons believed and still believe him,and they consider thems4lves “awake”,a bunch of morons who don’t know what they want.

  • C11118 says:

    It was a well planned scam to divert you away from the true origins of all they stole/plagarised.

  • C11118 says:

    Of course fake..he had no knowledge of the ancient language OR any evidence to back him up!!

  • vagspelunkin says:

    What a tangled web they weave

  • ghana25 says:


  • BrainChild666 says:

    @axis4peace3 You mean the ones pictured on google are fake? Where is the empirical evidence to support that claim. There are over 20,000 cuneiforms unearthered are all of them fake?

  • axis4peace3 says:

    @BrainChild666 – What do you mean they dont exsist?
    - existence is the issue; read the title THEY ARE FAKE

  • BrainChild666 says:

    If you type into google: sumerian cuneiform
    Seems like lots of pictures showing sumerian text. What do you mean they dont exsist?

  • SimplyThinkDreams says:

    @rojei Certainly neither of those two. Trust in the Creator of All Things. The one who formed Adam from the dust and breathed the breath of life into him. His word is the truth and will lead us to salvation. Aliens are not coming to save us but I have a feeling many will believe it to be true…I did at one point.

  • rojei says:

    secret hand shake…wow who to beleve??

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